Scott Rasmusson Källander is a future-oriented architectural and brand-building company who aim to create products and environments that produce a greater function than just the visual. The products are sustainable concepts, strategies and architectural solutions where the essence can be seen throughout the whole product. 

In collaboration with clients who understand and need the value of integrating communication and branding into physical environments, we create a permanent physical space for their concept beyond traditional marketing and architecture. 

Our solutions are achieved with multi-disciplinary approach throughout the entire process, where SR-K, our clients and our partner’s knowledge and experiences meet.


We are active and have offices in both Tokyo and Stockholm.




Vanadisvägen 29

113 23 Stockholm



3-12-18 Kugenuma Sakuragaoka

Fujisawa  251-0027 Japan



Christian Scott Rasmusson

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Johan Källander

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