Swedenproperties.jp is a company that offers a real estate development concept based on the strong brand of Sweden and its high standards. Our concept applies to all types of residential facilities, but with its main focus on elderly care. We always offer affordable and high quality products, solutions and external certifications of both Hardware and Software, where some of Sweden’s foremost actors like IKEA and Swedish Care International, contribute to a holistic concept beyond compare. Through our strong brand we create, together with our clients, unique and affordable residences with high added value for people in all stages of life. We have encountered and often work with multifunctional projects, where geriatric care, kindergartens, ordinary housing, pharmacies, etc., share a plot. By taking advantage of the various businesses and living forms we create Synergy effects and a win-win situation for everyone involved. Sweden Properties work with solutions that are affordable for everyone involved. We fully understand that economy is one of the main factors in order to implement projects like these. By being involved in the entire process and to make well-founded considerations and decisions that reflect the client’s budget and aspirations, we generate rational facilities with a high quality of life… at a lower cost.

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