Henriette and Peter Simonsson founded THE WHITE BRIEFS 2009, with the business idea to provide the modern and conscious individual with quality, durability and style when it comes to underwear and fashion. After years of hard work and an uncompromising approach when it comes to quality and fit, The White Briefs has decided to build the company more dynamically and bring in new partners and broader knowledge in the form of economists and architects.


in 2017 Scott Rasmusson Källander purchased a minor part of The White briefs. We are now officially a part of The White Briefs family and are very excited and thrilled about the upcoming journey together.


“Southern Sweden, 2009. A pair of crisp white briefs. That is actually the beginning, of The White Briefs. Ever since that first pair we created, it has been our desire to provide the comfiest of essentials. We like to think of them as modern Swedish design, with a sustainable mindset; stripped from any obsolete details; sincere, pure and if we may admit to it; slightly ingenious.  As in the end, we are suppliers of daily staples that shine through their simple understatement and astute technical feel.”

Peter & Henriette Simonsson

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